Thin Skinned America

I’m frequently reminded of how coddled the American public have become. Don’t relate? Click on your favorite news network’s site and tell me what this weeks “shaming” scandal is.

Fat shaming, Slut shaming – hell DOG shaming.

We’ve gotten to a point tha0-t criticism of any trait is no longer allowed and is lumped into some category of shaming. How dare you call out a personality flaw or acknowledge an eating disorder. You monster.

We have started to condition people to accept weakness rather than develop strengths. Society exists due a series of checks and balances. No one likes to be criticized, but it’s what keeps us on track. Dismissing opinions as “shaming” is unhealthy and suggests it’s better to retain those bad characteristics rather than address and change them. I would never argue that someone should be bullied due to being overweight, or promiscuous, but we should be mature enough by now to stand up and admit that’s rarely really what’s behind the shaming blame game. No, it’s usually small offenses of someone taking a cheap crack at someone’s weight and if we’re really being honest? It’s usually not a “normal person” but rather a celebrity.

We as Americans have learned to take such joy in righteous indignation. Our news cycle has conditioned us so. How better to improve your ratings than to pretend the viewer matters and to stoke umbrage in their hearts? The world continues to be a harder and harder place to live in so it’s only natural people like to be told that they are the esteemed victim.

We are constantly told we’re either oppressed, shamed, insulted or victimized.   Gullible as we are, we listen intently and beam with joy as someone understands our plight. We’re given a reason why we haven’t gotten ahead in life and that it’s not our fault. There’s nothing we could have done differently to improve our situation. While not true, this is the message we see every day from the news networks.

This absolution of guilt started innocently enough but has since molded our philosophy on the world. It’s led to a generation of soft skinned millennials who, rather than rally around a real cause, choose to hover on these small social insensitivities. Telling someone they’re “shaming you” every time you feel ashamed doesn’t fix problems.

You feel ashamed because you failed to correct a personal problem. Essentially, you can’t “be shamed” if you don’t agree with the criticism.


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