On police violence, racism, and the white wash the ensues.

There is a not insignificant amount of whites who immediately scramble to grab statistics after an event occurs that embarrasses them. We as whites, nay, a majority, have a knee jerk reaction for crowd control whenever we’re forced to stare down the terrible decisions of our forebears and fathers.

Lately there’s been a trend of the media actually reporting unjust deaths of black citizens at the hands of their protectors. It’s always been happening, they’re simply reporting it now.

The first white objection inevitably starts with righteous indignation that white deaths aren’t being reported when a white is shot by police. Then they dig for a statistic and tell you statistically twice as many whites are shot by police.

Terrible! One might think this means blacks are treated better than whites, and that whites surely must be persecuted.

These are the sorts of misleading, out of context statistics that are letting people like Donald Trump get attention. Should we be looking at all police shootings? I argue no, of course not.

It’s only relevant if we look at unarmed or unjustified police shootings. After all, if that’s not what we discuss all that statistic of twice as many whites getting shot just means that there are more white criminals than blacks, doesn’t it?

Irrelevant numbers have always been a powerful tool of misdirection and political manipulation. Let’s look at a classic example of misleading statistics.

What country has the highest rate of crime in the world?

The Vatican City.

No, I assure you. That’s a true statistic, in fact no country comes close to crimes committed per year vs. citizens that live there. Statistically, there are six crimes committed per citizen per year.

Now, let’s interpret the whole picture, shall we? Not many people live in the Vatican City, but an absurd amount of people visit every year in religious tourism. Naturally, this brings out a lot of thieves, swindlers and other petty criminals.

When I tell you the Vatican City has the highest crime rate in the world you hear “violent crimes”. It’s how you’ve been programmed to think thanks to a twenty four hour news cycle. Things are misleading on both sides of the media outlet but what I can tell you is this; entire cities don’t riot over media outlets. They don’t march day in and day out for change.


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