On mother theresa

You might notice I left her name lower case. That was in fact on purpose.

Mother Theresa was a psychopath.

I know what you’re saying; she was a saint. She helped people. She did so much good. Unfortunately? This isn’t the case. This a narrative that was manufactured. These things didn’t occur.

So, I’d better contribute some documented fact, right? don’t worry, I intend to.

For starters, Mother Theresa was known to baptize those who didn’t even have any kind of faith. She took millions of dollars from the Duvalier family in Haiti without guilt. She’s even praised them as human beings (I challenge you to research the Duvaliers and see what kind of people they are).

She’s refused any type of pain killers to so many patients on the grounds that “suffering brings you closer to god”. So much so, when asked by a “patient” why they were suffering she responds “pain Is jesus kissing you” To which they replied “tell him to stop”.

Mother Theresa’s funding is very interesting. After becoming famous she had so much money to fund helping people. Profound amounts of money were funneled into new convents/nunneries and very little of it was assigned to actually help human beings.

We believe Theresa is a holy and helpful being because we’re told so. It’s not the case. Hopefully we outgrow this notion


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