Why Camille Cosby doesn’t owe you so much as a word.

Many out there are calling for Camille Cosby to turn on her husband Bill over the recent (numerous) allegations of rape.

I simply wish to be the reminder of reason and decency: she doesn’t owe you anything.

First, this is a private matter, and as the public (who this does not affect in any way, shape, or form) we’re not entitled to testimony. We’re not entitled to answers.

Let’s go beyond that however. Camille Cosby is currently part of a domestic partnership with a man she loves. That man is accused of doing heinous things. She’s known this man a very, very long time and thinks enough of him that she’s committed herself to living with him until it ends. of COURSE she sees doubt in the allegations. Anyone who has loved someone on this level would look for reasons not to believe the allegations. As a bystander I myself can create a sane narrative as to how he could have “not done it”. Purchasing drugs is not the same as slipping them into a drink. At no point was it admitted that he was intending to use them without consent (it was the seventies, man, people loved quaaludes)!

Now, is this the most likely scenario? No, of course not. Perhaps she simply doesn’t want to condemn the man she loves without proof? Perhaps she’s holding fast to the principle of innocent until proven guilty? This doesn’t matter though because at the end of the day her private ruminations on the matter are none of your business. She deserves privacy, it’s only decent.

Let’s say she DOES believe he did it? Then where are we? We’re calling for the public condemnation of her husband by her: a woman who would be striken with grief, guilt and disgust- a woman who would be regretting a massive portion of her life and suffering from a great feeling of loss.

Are we not better than this? When did our pseudo-righteous indignation become more important than our humanity? Or is that what humanity means today?


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