On Circumcision

Have you ever sat down and thought about circumcision?

Probably not the first thing on peoples minds when they get their first cup of coffee in for the day, but I suppose that’s kind of my point; Isn’t anyone disturbed by the fact it’s common practice to lop off a chunk of your child’s genitalia ?

How is it that the sight of a fully intact penis is “weird” ?

There are many that cry out when they see a dog with cropped ears, or a docked tail but these same people frequently have their children circumsized. How did religion manage to get us on board?

The issue is so profound, in fact, medical excuses had to be manufactured to justify the behavior; people started saying it was for “hygeine” rather than to curb sexual desire. (the latter of which it doesn’t even achieve).

When told there are folks in the middle east that cut off their daughter’s clitoris for the same reason, Americans react with horror and disgust. We say it’s barbaric and we’d never do anything like that. In our hypocrisy we stand on our soapboxes and decry the evil, sinister ways of the Muslim, the Arab. We go about our day as if the act is only heinous because we’ve done it to a woman.

It’s time to drop the act. It’s time to stop making excuses for Religion. if a religion cannot accept you without the ritualistic mutilation of your children’s genitals then that religion has no place in the modern world. It’s time has passed, and the world is a better place without it. If you are unable to exercise reason and practice your faith simultaneously your religion is not a healthy one.

A true test of faith is not mangling your child’s genitals; it is maintaining faith in a society that performs such a heinous act over five thousand times a day.


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