On the Subject of Donald Trump

We’ve reached a bit of a threshold in America; Donald Trump is running for President.

Yes. incompetent business mogul and reality television star Donald Trump.

What’s even more frightening is that he’s leading in the polls. All it took were angry, racist sentiments being declared over broadcast television. Now, let’s not kid ourselves: Donald doesn’t want to win this election. This is sheerly about attention. Trump obviously feels the need to have more cameras pointed at him. He’s getting older and more vain. His fear of death points him towards the same immortality so many egotists try and claim.

What’s more disturbing is the way we as a nation are feeding this desire.

When I was growing up I was always told not to give bullies attention. I was told that by letting them get to me I was giving them exactly what they wanted. When I saw some nut job on the street telling me to become born again, I ignored them.Now our country has somehow transitioned into treating these sad, pathetic cases of human waste into entertainment. Now, somehow they take center stage in this three ring circus that is America.

Donald Trump called the majority of Mexicans rapists… and now he’s leading the polls for the Republican primary?

This is the sort of information that drives our allies overseas and to the North (and especially to the south) away from our Nation. This is why Europe looks upon us with ridicule. During the same week South Carolina takes down the confederate flag from it’s capitol building, A front runner “politician” declares Mexicans as criminals and rapists. It’s this shifting of Racism in our country that prevents healing. We can’t move past our barbaric past because it seems to refuse to die. When we see clear and present racism we turn a blind eye, or disguise it as a political truth.

Let’s even drop the fact he said rapists and criminals; the phrase “some of them may be good people” should never be uttered- not about Mexicans, not about anyone. It’s inherently prejudice. There is no context in which assuming the majority of any group – white, black, catholic, Muslim or otherwise is morally acceptable. (with perhaps the caveat of hate groups like the KKK, afterall it is a prerequisite to be a bad person to join).

The fact that cameras are pointed at this man and his voice is broadcast reflects quite poorly on our nation. Our lust for a spectacle has overridden our common sense and decency. I suspect this is the way many Germans viewed Adolf Hitler before his rise to power. Rolling their eyes with every unsubstantiated claim against Jews, Romani and the disabled. . Wondering when this insufferable jackass would go away, and ultimately, confusion when he’s given power coupled with a total loss of faith in their fellow man.

Mr. Trump has declared he’ll bomb every oil field in Iraq. I’m sure that sort of action couldn’t cause another world war….


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