Texas sets the bar even lower

The Texas Governor has declared February 2nd as “Chris Kyle Day”.  Only in Texas can a psychopathic mass murderer get his own holiday. What makes it worse is the fact that the state Governor clearly is using the controversy of the Clint Eastwood film as a political stunt. He’s pandering.

Now, before I lose too many people I think it’s important we look into who Chris Kyle was and what he did (and lied to claim to have done, we’re looking a you, Mr. Ventura).

I suppose as a disclaimer I should point out I’m not defaming the military, all snipers, law enforcement etc. No, this will be about Chris Kyle. The “man’. It may come as a shock to you, but you are indeed able to criticize one person who happened to be a member of the armed forces. That’s not an affront on a “hero” or a “patriot”. “The Troops” is not a person, it’s a series of individuals all responsible individually for their actions. If you’re unable to see the world this way I truly feel sorry for you.

Now that we have that mess out of the way, who was Chris Kyle?

Chris Kyle was an American sniper accredited for killing 160 people (that’s 4-5 large classrooms if you’d like some perspective). He was awarded numerous medals and after his service went to tot coauthor the book “American Sniper”. The book proceeds to celebrate these killings.

Let’s take a break here as I know some of you are objecting to the word “killings”. Sorry, but that’s what they are. I understand militaries are necessary, and I understand that snipers, while not at the forefront of battle while shooting folks who cannot even seen them, have a dirty job that needs done. In other words, I’m not currently speaking down at the military: I’m merely refusing to perfume my words to appease our societal demand that we believe the military is the end all be all of honor. It’s far from it. It’s a dirty job that needs done, frequently done by very unsavory people. Think about it: who is more likely to want to fly half way across the world and shoot people they don’t even know for a war that they don’t understand? The mentally stable or the unstable? There exists a mentally stable faction in the military; these are the people who are mistaken that they are fighting these countries to protect America. Bless them for what they think they’re doing to help us back home. I appreciate their sacrifices, senseless as they may be.

The truth of the matter is that America hasn’t been in a war that threatened the home front since World War Two. Our modern wars might be considered “necessary” by some standards but they exist to propagate our political standing in the world and economical policies around the world. I’m not saying that’s evil. Again, I’m merely refusing to disguise a dirty job as a glorious war.

So, what does that have to do with Chris Kyle? Well, it appears he fell closer into the mentally unstable column. You see, in his book, Kyle describes how much he enjoyed killing these people, frequently in less than racially sensitive terms. In his book Kyle says that he “couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Iraqis” begging he question…why was he there? If he wasn’t there to liberate the Iraqis what was he fighting for? In his book he even mentions his hatred for these people. “I hate the damn savages”

He wasn’t there as a hero to liberate anyone. He was there to shoot a people that he hated. In other words?

He was genocidal.

This is everything our troops shouldn’t be. When we stop seeing our enemies as humans we are no longer fit to fight. What makes it worse is that Kyle always had a hatred for the Iraqis before he deployed.

I know we’re conditioned not to question the actions of our troops. I know it’s not popular to be critical of soldiers. It’s imperative, however, that we maintain our ethics at war. It’s a dirty job, but when fought out of hatred we are no better than our enemies, if anything, worse.


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